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For Boba Fett light sets; what sequence should I choose?


The screen used sequence isn't actually known. In the graphic above, you will see the original sequence considered to be screen accurate, but newly discovered sequences have been created. RafalFett’s sequence is the newest and very well researched.
You can also design your own sequence, up to 20 steps in a sequence, using the Board Sequence Builder.

Here are a few links to research done by some of the TheDentedHelmet members

What are the slot dimensions for Boba Fett?

    The Top slot is 50mm wide and 5mm high. The Bottom slot is 50mm wide and 10mm tall. Typical spacing between the top lights and bottom slots is 8mm.

Can you tell me something about the Boba Fett battery packs?

    Boba Fett lights sets use a 3 AA or 4 AA battery pack. The 4 AA battery pack measures 2 1/2" wide and 2 5/8" tall. It is 3/4" thick. Each battery pack has an switch installed in the casing, allowing you to turn the power on and off with unplugging the cord from the board. It houses 4 AA batteries. A 3 AA battery pack is also available.


I'm ordering a Boushh light set. Which light bar length do I choose?

    There should be a space of about 10mm on each side of the light bar, with the lights being centered in the visor. Pick a length that best matches those dimensions.

OK, I ordered a light set. How long will it take to get it?

    Depending on my work load, I can have your light set built and shipped within a few days. Large orders, obviously, will take a bit longer. Shipping within the US takes 2 to 3 days. Shipping times outside the US varies and cannot be guarantied.

What are the shipping and handling rates?

     Contact Me for Pricing


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