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Boba Fett Light Sets 
When plugging the unit in, make sure to plug the connector in the correct polarity by matching the red and black wires. Using fresh AA batteries, the board should operate for about 8-10 hours, if not longer. The battery compartment has a switch to make it easy to turn on and off, considering you mount the battery pack in an accessible area. When unplugging the unit, grasp the plastic connector, not the wires, as you can easily pull the wires out of their connectors.  
You can attach the board to your chest piece however you choose. Mind the circuitry on the front of the board when doing so, as damage can occur to the components. The components should not get hot, so placing them directly against the back of your chest piece should not be a problem. 
As with any electronics, DO NOT get the board wet. If it does get wet, make sure it is thoroughly dry before applying power to it. We recommend that you shield the slot openings in your chest armor with a thin sheet of plastic (clear or colored) to protect the unit from on-coming moisture. The color of the plastic will not affect the color of the light, as LEDs only show one spectrum of light. Dark or smoked plastic will affect the brightness of your lights, however.


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