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Boba Fett Light Sets 
Light sets can be custom programmed (See Board Sequence Builder Page)

Light sets run on 3 AA batteries

$60.00 + shipping 
V3.2 - 2 10 LED Light Bars Make Up The Top Lights
(click to see a short video)


V5 - 2 10 LED Light Bars Make Up The Top Lights




Boushh Helmet Light Sets

Light sets run on 1 9 volt battery
Blink fequency is adjustable

$30.00 + shipping 
(click to see a short video)



Darth Vader Chest Box Light Sets

Light sets run on 1 9 volt battery

$35.00 + shipping 
V1.1 ROTJ Version
(click to see a short video)



Han In Carbonite Light Sets


Now Available


Hero Panel V3 Light Set - $100 + shipping
Hero Panel 2 Light Set - $20 (add on) 
Hero Panel V3 light set
(click to see a short video)


Optional Hero Panel 2 add on light set 

  • Light set will run off of any 5 volt USB power source
  • 4 light sequences; Carbonite Freeze Scene, Lando Scene, Unfreeze Scene and My Custom Sequence
  • 4 red, 3 white* and 2 green LEDs

  • 1 control unit
  • Sequence control knob
  • On/Off knob
  • 2 segment boards with resin segment enclosures
  • 7 colored** LED lenses
  • 6 foot USB cable
  • 5 volt USB wall adapter (US style plug)

Available Add On Option:
  • Hero Panel 2 light set
* White LEDs replace the original Yellow LEDs
** Lenses for the White LEDs are clear

Click here to see the Assembly and Operation video.  


Customized Light Sets

Have an idea for a light set? Email me!



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