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Have a Fettronics board and want to give a testimonial? Email me! Let people know your experience, what you like, what you don't like. Have a cool pic of you in your costume or a prop? Send it and I'll post it! 

Absolutely worth buying!!! I had mine running for around 10 hours over the weekend at an event with David Prowse, and I never even had to change the batteries! The on/off switch is a great feature also. It's nice and bright and I am more than happy with it! 

Also... Thank you so much for getting me the board so fast! excellent service!!!





BH6325, GML  
Singapore Garrison
Just wanted to say that your board rocked! I had on with me all the way at Celebration Japan and it just kept going! The fans there loved it and were very intrigued by it! 
Thanks for a great board and even better customer service! Gracias bro!




There is absolutely no substitute for a Fettronics chest display! 
First off, Jon's customer service is top notch! Always helpful and happy to answer any questions, and his responses are always timely. From the day I placed my order, I had my lightboard made to custom spacing measurements and in my hands within a little over a week. 
The quality of the craftsmanship put into making these displays is amazing! 
The lights shine bright and non-stop for hours on end. While I had only been trooping with mine on for about 5 hrs (with no signs of dimming or the battery wearing out) I've heard reports of them lasting a constant 10 hrs! 
I got a LOT of compliments and questions about the lights; many people where very impressed! 
I cannot recommend enough, how great Fettronics lights are! A must have for anybody building a Fett or custom Mando costume. 
Many thanks, Jon! 





I have nothing but the greatest respect for Jon.  He is honest and has the best customer service skills I have seen in a long time.  I don't remember how I found his site, but I am glad I did. I ordered my light board pretty much before I had my costume finished. I gave him the measurements for my chest plate.  I got the costume completed and took it out for a test drive on Halloween.  Everything was great. Everyone loved the outfit and everyone wanted to take pictures with me.  They were surprised to see how detailed my costume was to include the light board. 

I had some problems with the board after a few hours. I contacted Jon and he told me to send it in and he would either fix or replace it. I had also gotten a new chest plate and he said he would adjust the light board for the new plate.  If you want an authentic costume, you need the light board and there is only one place to get it. Fettronics.com.  

Thanks, Jon.

- T. Post


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