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Well here's a picture using your completely awesome Fettronics display with  
my completed BobaMaker armor. 
Your lights help make this Halloween the greatest ever for myself, my wife  
and my kids! 
Thanks again for the fantastic work and fantastic service! These lights are  
the absolute BEST. Even with a huge flash, they're bright as hell!!! 

Just wanted to say, "Thank you". Shipping was blindingly fast. I was a lil worried ordering the custom alternating colors, but everything is "spot on" and looks terrific. Much brighter than expected and I was amazed at how easy the sequence builder was to use. Cant say thank you enough and can't wait to order my next one. 
Sonik Achee' 
dsonik1 TDH 

The fettronics board is amazing, and well worth every penny.  I used it all four days in a row at the Phoenix Comicon this year.  I believe I had it running for over 15 hours easily!  I also just finished doing a four hour troop today and I still haven't had to change out the batteries in the 4AA battery pack.  So many people have made comments on the light board too! Its very noticeable and will take your kit to the next level!  I had an issue the week before Comicon where my board stopped working for some reason.  Jon had a new one made and ready to go within a few days!  He stands behind his product and has very good customer service as well.  Thanks again for all your help! 
-Chris E 
AKA Chrel Baatil 


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